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     I did a lot of research into the best upholstery cleaners in the area, and plenty of people recommended Mayfair Carpet Cleaning Company and I can see why. Their cleaning was great quality and my sofa and curtains look as good as new.
Louis Adventura19/05/2020
      Mayfair Carpet Cleaning Company has been an absolute joy to have clean my home. The cleaners are always on time, and are the most polite people I have ever met!
Erica V.19/09/2019
     Hire Mayfair Carpet Cleaning Company - you won't regret it! Did a great spring clean for me, and I'm sure they would do the same for you too.
Patrick F.31/05/2016
     I'd been looking for an alternative to my old cleaners for a while, so decided to opt for MayfairCarpetCleaners to give them a test. I needed to get an apartment cleaned before some new tenants moved in, and their end of lease cleaning seemed to offer everything. The one thing which really impressed me was the speed. It took the old company far, far longer to get anything near these results. Won't be going back to how it was before, I know that whenever a property goes empty, these are the guys I need to call.
C. Sandoval07/01/2015
     Back in the middle of last year I had to move out of my family home and down-size with a lower budget in mind. A friend of mine recommended MayfairCarpetCleaners after saying that he'd had to something in the past, and he had also needed some help with cleaning, getting back on his feet etc. Now the question was whether or not on my new budget it was really sensible to hire a cleaner because some see it as a type of luxury. All I can say is that that was probably some of the best advice I've ever been given. My new place always looks great and it's got me going in the right direction! Many thanks!
     Because I run such a busy house it takes a great toll on the cleanliness of our rugs and so I contacted MayfairCarpetCleaners for a quote on cleaning them. Their price was great and so I had them send someone round and the job they did was absolutely excellent. My rugs have rarely looked better and it makes the world of difference to my home. The cleaners are always timely and they work quickly and efficiently so neither your time nor your money is ever wasted. I tell all my friends about them as they are such a good service.
Brenda R.09/10/2014
     You can never really put a price on cleanliness, but if you were to, then MayfairCarpetCleaners would win in terms of best value for money! I love having them over, because they always give me such a good deal on the cleaning, and the place always looks great. I hope that they continue this tradition of excellent prices for great service long in to the future, as it has made all the difference in my life! I have recommended them to all sorts of people, and am writing this up for the same reasons!
Michael Morris31/07/2014
     No matter how hard I try, I can never manage to get things clean. My mother and pretty much everyone else I know have the ability to clean something properly and when I try it, everything still looks dirty. I called a number of companies before I found MayfairCarpetCleaners and decided to go with them because of their great prices. My cleaner, as expected knew exactly what to do and everything was left spotless. This is a great company with a well-trained team; I would recommend them to anyone that is looking for a cleaner.
Simon Hughes16/07/2014
     I needed a house clean service for my elderly parents as they had spent several months abroad and left me in charge, but I hadn't had time to sort the cleaning. I hired MayfairCarpetCleaners who I had seen about the town. I wanted the house back looking neat and tidy for their return. The cleaners were hard working and did a brilliant job. They took good care of all of the ornaments and furnishings in the house. The company was great to deal with, and did a grand job from top to bottom. The cost was good too. I will certainly use these again if I need to.
Bernard R.12/06/2014
     Knowing full well that I am terrible at cleaning, I have been using MayfairCarpetCleaners to cover my tracks in the flat. I have always used cleaning companies, but this one is by far the best that I have ever used, and I am pleased to be able to recommend them to others who err reading this! They give a great service for the price, and they also have an excellent customer care manner, which makes everything a lot more pleasant over all, I must admit! I hope that these guys are as great with everyone else as they are with me, it's worth finding out!
Kathleen Butler14/05/2014
     Thank you to everybody from MayfairCarpetCleaners for their involvement with my business over the last 5 years. Completely reliable and professional with their work and no tantrums or arguments if things were too messy. No work was too big or too small and we have had a great rapport over the time. I am now relocating my business, but I will definitely find it hard to find better cleaners in a new area. Very competent, reliable and punctual and they are flexible to work around business hours to suit you. A big thanks and good luck for the future.
John Moxon08/04/2014
     I was in desperate need of a superhero to start shifting some stains and I was about to give up all hope. That was until a friend passed me the details for MayfairCarpetCleaners. They came around and soon enough, the stains were old news. It's service like this which really makes you happy. I am so impressed that they managed to shift those red wine marks that I will probably be a little more careless in the future, especially now I know how to get in touch with them next time I spill something a little dangerous and staining.
Cheryl Stewart19/03/2014
     I chose to hire MayfairCarpetCleaners to clean my home after reading lots of positive reviews about their services and their staff. I thought it was all going to be bluster, and I really didn't expect much from the company. Hiring a cleaner from this service actually turned out to be an excellent decision for me! The cleaner came just when expected and got right to work. I couldn't find a fault in her techniques and she was obviously very skilled. My house looked brilliant when she'd finished, and now I hire this company on a regular basis because I know I'll be more than happy with the results!
     I only used MayfairCarpetCleaners's end of tenancy cleaning service the one time, but I have to say I was impressed enough to leave a review. I had to go away at the drop of a hat with work and wanted to sub-let my apartment, so decided to get it professionally cleaned once I had left. Great decision. It didn't cost as much as I thought it would, and my incoming tenants actually emailed me to say they had never moved into anywhere so clean. It certainly wasn't very clean when I left! Would recommend the service - it was easy, affordable and clearly the results were impressive.
Chris Asher30/01/2014
     This is a really amazing cleaning service, and this is coming from someone who's tried dozens in the past! MayfairCarpetCleaners is the only cleaning company that I'd recommend to anyone, from their great prices to the absolutely brilliant and flawless cleaning! The cleaners are all friendly and really good at what they do, there's nothing that I'm afraid to ask for and my house just looks fantastic all the time. This is a really great solution for busy mums or workaholic dads - I really can't recommend this cleaning service enough and I'll never use a different cleaning company again! Thanks for everything!

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